Friday, November 28, 2008

Specially 4 U: SFSBZ

I wish to dedicate this post to SFSBZ. An ordinary person with extraordinary behaviour makes me loves and misses the friendship that we had. I wrote this post so that you would know how special and important you are to me.

I could feel the awkwardness that we had when you went to my room and when I visit you at your room. It wasn’t the same as we were in matriculation. We had lunch together every weekday after the class finishes. Studying, praying and playing together. We had fun, enjoyment and excitement. You would lend me a hand whenever I face some difficulties in handling my programmes or activities. And i would help you out with your problems. We share happy and gloomy moments together. We would divide our sorrow and multiply the joy.

We were at the same Mahallah and same class. You would have waited for me even though it was already late for classes. You don’t mind if you get into trouble too. We met the lecturers together to discuss the lectures and sometimes you would made funny jokes. Remember the argument we had with our deputy dean. He seems to like and agree with our counter back even if he didn’t say so. Madam Kausar even realized how close we were.

Somehow since we enrol in main campus, the closeness of our friendship starts to fade and fly away. We were busy with the subjects taken and full with different activities. We had different schedule so it would be more difficult for us to meet and have lunch together again. We stay at different Mahallah and we apply different majoring. It makes us become stranger among ourselves. As time passes, i started to realize how critical it was.

One day, when you told me that you decided to stop from JC i was very sad and upset. That was the only thing that we had together. I wanted to share the happiness and sorrowful moments with you. You would have calm and comfort me when i need it. I feel the strength when you were by my side.

Nevertheless, i respect the decision you have made. Of course i wouldn’t force you anything. It’s just that i really miss the friendship we had. You have done your istikharah and i’m sure that Allah has plan and programme the best things for us. Although we might have different plans and different strategies, i’m certain that we still have the same goal and same targets to achieve.

You are one of my great friends that i had and I wouldn’t possibly regret the meetings we had. Thanks for the guidance and kindness you shown to me. I will always treasure the precious moments inside my heart. I ask forgiveness and infinite apology for the actions and words that might hurt you. Best friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere. It’s hard to find a friend that would cry and laugh with us together. That’s why i’m very grateful and thankful to have you.

Ps, if you have spare and free time by chance lets enjoy it together. I’ll try to arrange and adjust the date and time. Another thing, you owe me something. I’ve been to your house already and i spent a night there. So it’s your turn to come over to my house. You have a choice whether to come over to JB or Puchong. It’s up to you. The doors are always open. Hee....(0_o)

Till soon. Meet you for our next semester. Medan amal dan perjuangan. Syauqi jiddan. La’alla Allah yaftah lana yaumun ma lil muqabalah.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Trust of Leadership

Rasulullah saw has given precise warning and reminder on the importance of accomplishing trust. He says: “A servant that takes no responsibility to lead his society, surely he will be lying his society, Allah swt had banned him from entering the heaven.”

The generation after the era of the Prophet Muhammad saw had ruled big empires such as Saidina Abu Bakar, Saidina Umar Ibni Al-Khattab, Saidina Uthman and Saidina Ali ra. They are too worried to take the responsibility because they realized the burden of responsibility and trust which they have to fulfil. They always cry because they were afraid of the Allah’s punishment if they failed to fulfil their responsibility. They are willing to sacrifice everything in order to accomplish their mission and helping the society to live in happiness and prosperity. History has recorded many stories about the best leader among Khulafa’ Ar-Rashidin.

One night as Saidina Umar patrolling the town and village to see his people’s condition, he heard baby crying in a house. Saidina Umar tried to get closer to the house. He heard that the mother was cooking something but she was cooking for a long time until her children felt asleep in hunger. Seeing the situation, Saidina Umar gave his salam (greeting) and asked a permission to enter the hut. The woman does not know that he is the leader of that country. Saidina Umar asked about her condition. The woman replied that she and her children have not eaten for several days. If her children cried for hunger, she pretends to cook something by putting several stones into the pan. Her child will stop crying assuming their mother is cooking something.

The woman complained and cursed the leader of that country which is not responsible to his people. Hearing the complain and curse Saidina Umar stood up quietly and at a moment later he asked permission to leave. In the dark night, Saidina Umar went directly to Baitul Mal and took several sack of flour and sent it to the woman’s hut. As he arrived at the hut, he gave his greeting and entered the hut for the second time. He then cooked the flour that he carried for that woman and her children. The woman still did not realize that the man who brought and cooked the flour is the leader of that country. After finishing cooking, s Umar served the food to the woman and her children. Seeing they had eaten happily, Saidina Umar felt relief and left the hut. The woman said “It will be good if Saidina Umar done all these…” without realizing that the man who cooked and served her was Saidina Umar.

In our reality and in our lifetime, people will give you responsibility. Either it is in the form of formal or informal, both will be accounted in the Judgement Day. Recently, I received too many responsibilities to fulfil. I did decline and reject some of them. How I wish to decline all of them if I could. Somehow in the end I will face the same situation in the future. The decision made by syura really surprised me. Start when I enter main campus as first year student. I still can remember how kak Zizi would have waited and trained for me when I rejected her offer. I told her that I’m not the one that should be chosen due to my weaknesses. Though she wouldn’t accept my excuse and reluctant to let me go. So I felt guilty to reject the decision made by syura.

However, what i believe now is that Allah will not place a burden greater than what we can bear. Even though, sometimes it’s hard for me to get through. I just trust in Him The Al-Mighty. Surah Al-Baqarah: 286 states that:
Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope. He gets reward for that (good) which he earned and he is punished for that (evil) which he has earned. “Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error, our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which You did lay on those before us; our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Pardon us and grant forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Maula (Patron, Supporter and Protecter) and give us victory over the disbelieving people.”

Responsibility is part of Allah’s teaching. It’s not how many responsibilities you have, but how many responsibilities you didn’t fulfil it yet. Since I have my responsibility towards Allah, myself, my family, my academic and my society it is important for me to have time management. Life is short. It is shorter than what we would think. So it is very crucial not to abandon the time we have.

Glory be to You O Allah and all praise is due to You.
I seek forgiveness from You and i seek repentance from You.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Love Letter

When i was tidying my room and cleaning up my drawer, i found this love letter. I’ve been searching for it for ages. At last, i get to read it once again. It was from my mas’ul. I received this letter when i was studying at matriculation UIA. After she graduated from main campus UIA, she has been teaching at KTD. So, i don’t have a chance to visit her yet. I’m posting this letter so that it would always retain in my memory and remain inside my heart. Hope that you would gain benefits, spirit and motivation from this letter too.

Adikku, selagi kasih sayang kita terpahat kerana cintakan Allah, selagi itu hati kita kan bersatu dan padu. Amin Ya Allah...

Khas buat Adikku Safiah tersayang

Firman Allah yang bermaksud:
“Sesungguhnya mereka yang berkata: Tuhan kami ialah Allah, kemudian mereka beristiqamah; turun ke atas mereka malaikat sambil berkata; bahawa janganlah kamu takut dan janganlah kamu berdukacita dan gembiralah kamu dengan Syurga yang telah dijanjikan kepada kamu” (Fussilat: 30)

Kau hadiah istemewa,
Hadiah Allah sangat berharga,
Nilai ukhuwah tiada tara,
Asas aqidah ikatan kita...

Berat hati untuk di luah,
Bukan sedih,
Bukan pahit,
Sebaliknya terlalu indah,
Sukar digambar,
Payah dilakar...

Wahai adikku,
Adakah kau rasa apa yang kakakmu rasa?
Indah bukan! Nikmat Allah tidak ternilai,
Memilih kita untuk bersama,
Mencari Cinta yang tiada batasnya,
Cinta Allah, Agung dan Tinggi...

Namun adikku,
Pertemuan kita sering terbatas,
Masa dan waktu berlalu,
Pantas dan kilas tidak menunggu,
Membuat hati terasa pilu...

Aduhai sayangku,
Kau sungguh istimewa,
Walau jarang berjumpa,
Hati ini tetap terpaut pada keikhlasan & kejujuranmu,
Walau jarang bersama,
Hati ini tetap merindu,
Bukan kerana dunia dan kepentingan sementara,
Namun Cinta Allah yang menyatukan kita...

Indahnya wahai adikku,
Diletakkan kita duduk bersama,
Sering bertemu dihalaqah cinta,
Berkongsi pengalaman dan menimba,
Melengkapkan kekurangan dan menambah,
Dahagakan Tarbiyah dan juga Islah,
Kurniaan berharga,
Milik Allah jua...

Adikku sayang,
Tidak pernah disesali pertemuan ini,
Apa lagi meluang masa untuk bertemu,
Namun sering kesedihan mengundang,
Datang halangan untuk bertemu,
Mungkin ini ujian...

Maksud Hadis:
“Sesungguhnya jika Allah mencintai sesuatu kaum, Allah akan mengujinya, jika kamu itu redha dengan Allah, maka Allah akan redha dengannya”
- Hasan Sahih –

Ingat Adikku,
Janganlah kita persiakan nikmat ini,
Nikmat Iman dan Islam,
Nikmat ukhuwah dan kasih sayang,
Bekalan kekuatan dan kesatuan,
Tarbiayah jangan dikesampingkan,
Halaqah Cinta, antara peranan,
Di mana sahaja perlu digerakkan,
Duduk bersama, bukanlah halangan,
Meluang masa bukanlah kerugian,
Kerana keindahan yang kita dikejar,
Keredhaan dan cinta Allah,
Menuju alam yang kekal dan pasti nanti.

Adikku, ingatlah kakakmu sangat menginginkan untuk menyayangimu buat selama-lamanya kerana Allah dan kerana Dakwah dan Tarbiyah. Moga ukhuwah ini kan menyatukan kita di Jannah.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple Beauty Tips

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.

As we grow older, we will discover that we have two hands, one for helping ourselves, the other for helping others.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure she carries, or the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because......

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Good Friend is a Gift

A Muslim friend is one that constantly reminds you of Allah

A Muslim Friend is one that gives you sincere Naseehah

A Muslim Friend is one that lends a helping hand when you are in need

A Muslim Friend is one that remind you to follow a bad deed with a good deed

A Muslim Friend is one that loves you for the sake of our Creator

A Muslim Friend is one that reminds you of Allah to whom or which there is no one or nothing Greater

A Muslim Friend is one that lends a listening ear

A Muslim Friend is one that reminds you that Allah never gives us more than we can bear

A Muslim Friend is one who ask "Have you read Qur'an today"?

A Muslim friend is one that reminds you it is time to pray

A Muslim Friend reminds you that our goal is Jannah

A Muslim Friend strays you from being caught up in the dunya

A Muslim Friend reminds you of death

A Muslim Friend is one who says they love you and mean it

A Muslim Friend reminds you to follow the Qur'aan and the Sunnah

A Muslim Friend reminds you that, this will be our path to Jannah

A Muslim Friend never spreads your business on the street

A Muslim Friend is so kind and discreet

A Muslim Friend is not one to quickly judge you worthless, but rather

A Muslim Friend reminds you that in your Lord you seek forgiveness.

you inspire me to be

you inspire me to see

you’ve shown me how to dream

that life’s more than it seems

you shined the light

in my dead of night

brought me out of my hell

shown me paradise

promises of tomorrow

without any sorrow

within your wings

I am safe

i'm relieved, happy and glad

with the relationship that we had had

i don't want to lose you

so don't leave me, will you?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet 22 & Sweet 7

i would like to wish to my brother, Khairi and my sister, Hamizah a HAPPY BIRTHDAY . Moga dengan pertambahan usia juga seiring dengan iman n amal.

To Mizah, jgn lupe solat 5 waktu.u are already 7 years old.hee...
u have no excuse to skip solah.

Sesorang mukmin yang menghargai kehidupan akan memahami bahawa 1 detik sahaja dari kehidupan ini adalah sama dengan 1 pahala besar di akhirat kelak. dia benar2 memahami peranan penting usianya bagi hari akhir nanti.

"Nafas usiamu adalah syurga, maka janganlah engkau jual nafasmu dengan api yang menyala-nyala pada hari kiamat nanti"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finished my 3rd sem

Alhamdulillah after all the struggles and under pressure i manage to finish my third semester in IIUM. Thanks Allah i manage to cope with my studies. the subject that i took for third sem was very2 tough. At first i was thinking to drop Manufacturing Process (ManuP). but my mom trust me that i can do it and she motivate me to keep on. She said that as long as i strive hard and do my utmost, Allah will help me. i ask for my mom's prayer too. Thanx mom, lov u always and always. i even ask for my lecturers advise. they told me to keep on.

Now i have already finished my final exam. it was really tough. my head almost blown out. huhu...

Start with leadership, my group n i went for an interview where we have to tell and state what kind of service or product that we have made within a month. what we did was selling sweets in the class.its a simple task though as we dont want to spend much time on this leadership. we did recycling too as our service. hence we call our company as "Sweet Ozone Company". BE FRESH WITH RECYCLE & SWEETS is our theme. Thanx to my group members for all the hard work.

After the leadership examination, i had 2 orals and 1 test for aerospace lab I. during that time my shedule was full with assigments and quizzes to be done. For just 1 credit hour i have to do reports, workbooks, orals, and test. very exhausted. the best part is when we did the experiment esp fluid lab where we get to play with water.hee...i mean the water as the favorite part is impact jet.

IIUM's final exam starts on 28th October if im not mistaken. my first paper was on 29th Oct: Thermal Science. this subject consists of thermodynamic and heat transfer. the essential part is to remember various kind of cycle like Carnot cycle, Otto cycle, Diesel cycle, Brayton cycle, Rankine cycle, Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Cycle so on and so forth. for heat transfer we have to master the transfer of heat either by conduction, convection or radiation. we didnt manage to finish the sylabus since there was too many topic to cover.

30th Oct: UNGS 2050 (Ethics n Fiqh). i like this subject.its jus about our reality.our everyday life. Ust Kabuye said to score this subject we must memorize quranic verse or hadith. as a class monitor, i have to keep the attendence sheet for my class. seems to be a little bit funny cause i was thinking that the boys should keep it. since i never skip this clas i got full mark for my participation 10/10. hee...hope that it helps for my final.

1st Nov: Mechanics of Material or in the short form we call it as MoM. Tips to score this subject is just by doing a lot of exercises. insyaA u'll get A. i gurantee u. but u have to understand the concept first of course. its just like static. as usual, the confusing part is to determine the +ve and the -ve sign. i did mistakes for my final.about this +ve and -ve sign.huhu...hope its not too obvious.

Then, i had 4 days to study and focus well since i have 3 papers without any gap. i was very2 tired, exhausted and worn out. each of this 3 papers consists of too many topics to cover. luckily i didnt miss and skip classes. it helps me a little bit. i just have to go through and do some of the past year papers.

6th Nov: Manufacturing Process
7th Nov: Fluid Mechanic
8th Nov: Math 4 (MTH 2212)

i try and i try to do my perform my best. Thanx Allah for giving me the strength to keep on and carry on with my studies. every time when i felt giving up, i read Qur'an to keep on motivated. such powerful words really calm me and confort me. insyaA after all the efforts that i did, i leave it to Allah to decide the best results for me.

i want to do my best for Islam.
Fafiru Ilallah - Larilah Pada Allah
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