Sunday, September 27, 2009

Study Mode

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu,

Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up that I’ll be taking a short leave from the blogging world. Insha Allah I’ll be back and blogging with full force after I finished focusing and concentrating on my work and study for this semester, which is my fifth semester in IIUM main campus.

Jom, kita belajar dan bekerja sungguh2 kerana Allah!

One thing to note is that our actions and deeds are not just for the Day of Judgment. It is also for the sake of the success in this temporarily and momentarily world. Even though it is surely in the short term if it is compared to akhirah, but Muslims ought to perform their best in each and every action. Indeed, Allah wouldn’t waste our deeds and there is a reward either in-this-world or in the life-to-come insha Allah. That is what the Law Maker state in the Quran.

“Surely (as for) those who believe and do good, We do not waste the reward of him who does a good work.” (Al-Kahfi, 18: 30)

“For such the reward is forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens with rivers flowing underneath,- an eternal dwelling: How excellent a recompense for those who work (and strive)!” (Ali Imran, 3: 136)

“So, he who has done an atom's weight of good shall see it. And he who has done an atom's weight of evil shall see it.” (Al-Zalzalah, 99: 7-8)

Another last verse and the divine social rule that I would like to share is:

“Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)” From Surah Ar-Ra'd: verse 11

This law is not an empty logo, but it is the only way to get out of the hardships the Muslims are suffering. But we have to realize that no change will happen in the Ummah’s lives except if we start by changing ourselves. The injustice that is being inflicted on Muslims will not be removed except if we change ourselves. Seriousness and high spirits should replace laziness and dullness. Positivism should replace negativity. Fruitful and important work should replace emptiness and wasting the time in unimportant things.

Remember, our small actions today may change the millions of life of others by pondering and put into action these words of God’s divine guidance. The solutions to the problems of the Muslims world today are in the hand of the youth of the Ummah. May Allah reward us for our life's work. Amin.

WoRk HaRd, PlAy HaRd BUT PrAY HaRdEr

Dalam memenangi pandangan dan redhaMu,
Safi ArRahman

Friday, September 25, 2009

They're Back!

Oh no, they're back. You should have seen how slickly they are in deviating us. Visit this weblog to read more. Click Here

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salam Syawal 1430 H

Syawal has just arrived. Another Ramadan has come and gone! 30 days of fasting, 30 days of reading Qur’an, 30 nights of Qiamul Lail and Tarawikh. Finally, Eid comes again.

Hence, I would like to send out the warmest Eidul Fitri greetings to you and your families! May Allah accept our good deeds and continue to shower us all with His Mercy, ameen! Kullu'am wa antum bikhair. TaqabbAllahu minna wa minkum. Shiamana wa shiamakum!

Semoga Ramadhan yg dlalui meningkatkan taqwa dan semoga Syawal yg tiba adalah hari kemenangan jiwa yg dsambut dengan penuh keimanan. kekalkan madrasah Ramadhan supaya kt tidak menjadi hamba Ramadhan tetapi berjaya menjadi hamba Allah yg bertaqwa.

Kalau ada salah itu namanya manusia,
kalau ada terluka itu khilafnya hamba,
kalau ada terasa itulah lemahnya kita,
bulan baik hari mulia maka
disusun sepuluh jari mencuci dosa
seadanya yang tercipta.


Tulus ikhlas,
Safi Ar-Rahman
Kejuruteraan Aeroangkasa,
Universiti Islam Antarabangsa

O Allah, make us among those people who benefit from every Ramadan,
who have our sins forgiven and become better people for all time after that!
Ameen ajma’een!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Farewell Party

An ad hoc farewell party which was held on 7th September, last Monday was unpredicted. Actually we were planning to have iftar together for third year aerospace students. But the plan changed when someone came up with the idea to invite Madam Nabilah as well. Madam’s going to set off to London to pursue her studies. So we wouldn’t see her after this Raya celebration. Somehow, I’m starting to miss her. Absence really makes the heart grow fonder.

Behind the silver lining of the clouds,
there are destinies to be discovered.

In each book that is written,
there are facts to be known.

In every picture that is painted,
is a memorable meaning captured.

Delightful, appetizing and mouthwatering dishes – ikan siakap 3 rasa, tomyam campur, sotong tepung, telur bungkus, sayur campur & rojak.

The spirit of togetherness - 13 of us including madam: Eiz, Syah, Farih, Cnar, mdm, Wani, Ainin, Safi, Haf, Dila, kAfif, along. Not in the pic: Nina

Token of appreciation. Oh ya, we look forward for souvenirs from UK too.hee…. (0_o)

Till then, just a short reminder for me and you guys. Don’t miss to grab the golden opportunity of the last ten days of Ramadhan where Lailatul Qadr is most likely occurred. Lailatul Qadr is the most blessed night. A person who misses it has indeed missed a great amount of good. We ought to strive to encounter this night and to pass it in worship and obedience. So let the stimulating begin!

21 Ramadhan 1430H,
11th September 2009.
Fafiru Ilallah - Larilah Pada Allah
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