Friday, August 21, 2009

Less Food, More Think

Less Food, More Think: a quotation that was quoted from my aerodynamic lecturer, Dr. Waqar Asrar, Head Department of Mechanical Engineering. He reminds us that this month is not about food at all times but it’s about the consciousness towards Allah. I’m glad he shared his thought for sometimes I was too busy thinking of what, where and how much should I buy for my iftar.

This semester is a bit tough for me. Every day my class starts at 8.30am then finishes by 6, 6.30, and 7pm. So, it happens to me that I will think of what am I going to have for my iftar. I don’t cook at hostel but I would help my mum out if I were at home. Luckily I’m going home for today, my first iftar with my family at home, yeah. Alhamdulillah.

Talking about less food and more think means that we ought to think of what am I going to be after this blessed month? What are the outputs or the outcomes that I wanted to have? What does Allah actually wants us to be? These are all the questions and thought that we should ponder and keep in mind. What makes this month as extremely significant and important month for the sahabah? Have you ever pondered?

You see, one of the companions of the Prophet s.a.w said, “We spend half the year making du’a for Allah s.w.t to allow us to see another Ramdaaan, and we spend half the year making du’a for Allah s.w.t to accept the Ramdaan that passed.”

Now, we’ve already entered the blessed month. It is by time we ought to think and think. The general tip to increase Iman and taqwa is to study Islam and Quran. Then you could feel the nearness and closeness to Allah, insha Allah.

My esteemed brothers and sisters, Allah has distinguished Ramadan from other months with many merits and virtues so make good use of this month inshallah, don’t let it pass you by! May Allah give us all success in reaching the highest peaks of Iman through Ramadan and beyond, ameen!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Knowledge Seekers

Study sebahagian daripada hidup mahasiswa

Hidup mahasiswa bukan untuk study

“Enjoy your Study”: Apabila study merupakan sebahagian daripada perjuangan

“Study lebih Mudah”: Apabila kita menolong agama Allah swt

Pelajar contoh:
•Komited dengan jihad
•CGPA > 3.71

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