Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rescheduling My Night with Surah

I remembered when I was in secondary school at Ma'ahad At-Tarbiyyah Al-Islamiyah (MATRI) since I was in form 1 until form 5, we used to recite these Surah (Chapter's of Holy Quran) before going to sleep. We usually rotate between these Surah and it had become a habit. But after many years graduated from that school it started to disappear and my memorization of these Surah was getting bad too. It was awfully started to fade away and this is probably because I have take it for granted.

You know what, each and every time we are in bad situation, we always wish there is someone to talked to, someone to turn to. And I found out by reading Quran are the best medicine in healing my sorrowfulness. So, I am listing these down here in order to turn back, memorize the verses and comprehend the meaning. This is a step forward to improve myself as a human being. So, here we are:

Everyday is a step closer to The Creator

1. Surah Al-Mulk
Sunday night

2. Surah Al-Waqiah
Monday night

3. Surah AsSajadah
Tuesday night

4. Surah Yasin
Wednesday night

5. Surah Ad-Dukhan
Thursday night

Pohon Keimanan

Sesungguhnya tiap2 pohon itu mengukapkan sesuatu dari karekteristik iman, sujudnya seiring dengan penampilan penghambaan dirinya kepada Allah. Jd mari sesaat kita menyendiri dibawah pepohonan menjadi faktor yang dapat menggugah kelalaian hati dan sebagai jalan untuk kembali bertaubat kepada Ilahi.
Fafiru Ilallah - Larilah Pada Allah
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