Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Changing Personality Starts from Solah

As long as we still live in this world,
We still have a wide opportunity to do changes

Pure heart, Pure mind and Pure action

Sunday, November 16, 2014

When Lack of Motivation

Today I have learned a valueable lesson in my life. When someone is lack of motivation, then he will tend to give a hundreds and thousands of reason to quit and not putting an effort. But when you have the motivation and you are optimistic with your future, then he will put a hundreds and thousands of effort to the short journey. Yeay... I call it a short journey since what we have today is mortal and temporary. We will be called for the Judgement Day either we will be punished or rewarded, it will all depends on our action in this world. The action that wins Allah's heart will have an endless rewarding day.

We are running out of time. But for a true believer will optimize the usage of time. Find a true friend to communicate with you, to guide you in seeking the purpose of life. I was happy to see those in 'bulatan gembira'. It really helps me in giving me the encouragement and momentum to be a great muslimah. You want a great reward then you have to do great things. From now on I am going to fully utilize my time, they even advice me to recite surah Al-Mulk, Yassin and Al-Waqiah everyday. And see the extraordinary difference in your routine life.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Actions to be Taken

Alhamdulillah, our sincere gratitude goes to Allah and only Him we should obey. Because of His love we are not punish immediately for our wrongdoings but He gave us time to correct ourselves, to be a better servants of Allah. Everyday is a chance for us to improve ourselves. As i could remember there is one of my senior once told me, "If you are in the same pace and you are not improving yourself, then you are not in the process of tarbiyyah. You are going no where. But if you do make some changes, then you are in the track. Tarbiyyah makes you to be a better Muslim"

So I really hope I am still on the right track. When your phase of life changes, there are a lot of things to adapt. Your spouse, your family in law and of course your new family members (your new born baby). So it really take some time. But I really hope i could cope and adapt it in a short period of time.

Breastfeeding Timetable

I think i will be needing this in the future. There is no doubt that mother's milk is the best milk for babies and there is no absolute substitution. We all aware that this is true, so it is our responsibility to make sure that our babies have these nutricious food which is the mothers milk since he/she is born until the age of a 2 year old child. My target is to give Aeshah the best, so do pray for me that Allah give me the chance to do it. 

For those mother who are working out there, i completely encourage you to fully breastfeed your baby. If we look back at the sirah of Rasulullah s.a.w we could see that there is a big example for us to follow their footsteps. Remember that our Prophet pbuh have two 'nursing mother', the first one was Thuwaibah and the second one was Halimah Saadiah. This really show the importance of breastfeeding. So let's implement it to show our love and care to our young generations.

May Allah helps us to nurture the good deeds in our heart and action.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

To Catch Up

Lately I felt mess up. With all the things that came up quickly and simultaneously...ohhh i just need some time. There is so many things to catch up. My pace is getting slower. What could I possibly do within this limited time? I thought I should wake up at night to settle my things when my cutie pie is sleeping, but ohh seems like it is not easy. O Allah, forgive me for my wrong doings and guide me the way.   (T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

Things wouldn't be easy
but lets just have faith
that everything will be alright

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My SweetHeart 3

Alhamdulillah by Allah's will she is growing as others did. With her growing eyes n longer hair. Subhanallah what else should i deny the bounty of His blessings are vast more than what we expected. Well created and in perfect order. She is now about 3 and a half months. The best part is that she started to grab things around her.

I remembered when i was breastfeeding her one fine day, she was holding my shirt while sucking the milk and she falls asleep. When i was about to unfold her hand she quickly grab my trousers, and i was ok i thought she was sleeping in the first place. Her lips was smiling wide enough but her eyes was still shut. Oh...did she intended to do that in purpose?? She is sure clever enough to reach n hold things. Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

TV: Stay Away from Kids

I have just read an interesting article about the effects of television towards kids. I found that it is useful and crucial for the parents to be alert about this.

Watching television makes toddlers fatter and stupider at primary school, according to new research. Scientists who tracked the progress of pre-school children found that the more television they watched the worse they were at mathematics, the more junk food they ate, and the more they were bullied by other pupils.
The findings, which support earlier evidence indicating television harms cognitive development, prompted calls for the Government to set limits on how much children should watch. American paediatricians advise that under-twos should not watch any television and that older children should view one to two hours a day at most. France has banned shows aimed at under-threes, and Australia recommends that three to five year-olds watch no more than an hour a day. Britain has no official advice.

An article from The Independent

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My SweetHeart 2

Sleeping beauty

As time goes by, I didnt realize that she is already 3months old. She taught me to be patient, happy and also grateful with whatever you have. Each and everyday I ask, pray and hope that He the Almighty would give me hikmah in being a best mother to my children. There are the assets to the ummah. Ameen.

Monday, May 19, 2014

My SweetHeart 1

It was 16th May 2014, on Friday night, 10.02pm.

I remembered the first time I hold her in my hands, putting her by my chest it was an unforgetable event. It is incredible how Allah have created her with in such a beautiful way. For the very first time of being a mother to your adorable daughter was an enjoyable pleasure. Thank you Allah for the bundle of love and blessings.

Fafiru Ilallah - Larilah Pada Allah
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