Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Restrain your Anger

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

All praise is due to Allah, the Director of all that is created. I praise Him for all of His bounties. I bear witness that there is none worthy to worship except Allah alone and I bear witness that our leader Muhammad is His messenger, His beloved and the best of all creation. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the other prophets, their families and the rest of the righteous one.

Anger is something that happens to all of us. Especially when something occurs which does not happen according to our plan we often tend to outburst our anger. Expressing how disappointed and how upset we are to others. When this happen, it actually affect the feelings of others it doesn't matter whether they are younger, older, male or female but sometimes it hurt deep inside our heart. Your heart was like torn into pieces.

It is indeed a strange thing when we claim that we want to emulate the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, yet we say hurtful words and actions to others which do not resembles the Prophet. Have you ever find in any seerah which Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had an outburst due to his anger or upset? Tell me if you did manage to find it and I would tell you that’s not a seerah but it’s a fitnah. There are some occasions in which we are told his face became red and he was visibly upset. But we never find an instance in which the emotions of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w were uncontrolled and exploded into anger.

In this post, I wish that I wouldn’t talk too much but simply I would like to share with you guys this short video as a small reminder. It is simple and brief yet gives a big impact which we ought to ponder, a talk by Nouman Ali Khan. There is nothing that I can add to it. It’s a complete message, subhanallah. It’s a strong message since he’s been constructing an argument from the divine source. There is no way that you finish listening to it and you feel that he’s talking nonsense. IT’S ABOUT ALL OF US. We really need to work on this.

So let’s strive to restrain our anger and ready to forgive and pardon those whose actions or words might have angered us. Indeed the best person is one who controls himself in anger. Again, I’m talking to myself before talking to others and I’m reminding myself before reminding others. May Allah give us strength in holding back from our anger and gives us the capability to forgive each and every one of us. Wallahu’alam.


Have you heard this word before? Sure you haven’t, have you? Add your vocabulary, it’s a new word that you should know in this blogging world. Well actually it’s a made up of course. Apolobloggingize = Apologize + blogging. You use this word when you were too busy to update your blog and wish that your readers and friends understand your situation. I was busy with final examination before, so I have to stop form blogging for a while.

I would like to ask a big apology for not responding to some messages, emails or phone calls. And I’m asking an apology for not updating this blog either. I know it was just examinations where all students have to face it but I just couldn’t focus if I kept messaging while studying. I’m not a multi-tasking person for sure. But still I did respond to some messages right.

What I used to keep in mind is that, we will never learn if we don’t concentrate. Kalau betul kita berhajat kepada ilmu, perlu kita serahkan seluruh tumpuan dan focus kita padanya. Ilmu tidak akan masuk pada dada orang yang sombong (yakni tuntut ilmu sambil lewa) dan juga pada hati yang kotor. Kalau benar kita hajat pada ilmu, perlu kita tuntut dengan sungguh-sungguh. Barulah kefahaman dan penghayatan akan datang. Juga bantuan dan pertolongan Allah. Wallahu’alam. But that’s just my humble point of view. It’s up to us how we interpret the word ‘strive’.

Anyway and anyhow, SORRY FOR EVERYTHING. For those who haven’t finished with their examinations yet, I pray and I hope that you guys could perform well for the sake of Islam. May Allah SWT guide us and may He make the Day of Judgement the best day of our lives.
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