Saturday, April 1, 2017

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You know what, the best thing of being a mum is when you cuddle your lil baby and he smile while he's sleeping. What a lovely moment. Leaving your mum to have a good rest without worrying a thing. Aaahhh...just what all mum need it. Sometimes it is great to write what we have gone through up and down in our life in here. Not to shout to everyone but just to keep it as a diary what we have been doing all these long. The important dates and memorable moment that change our status / stage of life is something to be treasured. Don't you think so? So I planned to write this blog into 5 sections. These 5 sections are as below:

Sections of this blog:

1. Working Mama

2. Kids Activity

3. Safi's Kitchen

4. Traveling

5. Product Reviews

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