Sunday, November 16, 2014

When Lack of Motivation

Today I have learned a valueable lesson in my life. When someone is lack of motivation, then he will tend to give a hundreds and thousands of reason to quit and not putting an effort. But when you have the motivation and you are optimistic with your future, then he will put a hundreds and thousands of effort to the short journey. Yeay... I call it a short journey since what we have today is mortal and temporary. We will be called for the Judgement Day either we will be punished or rewarded, it will all depends on our action in this world. The action that wins Allah's heart will have an endless rewarding day.

We are running out of time. But for a true believer will optimize the usage of time. Find a true friend to communicate with you, to guide you in seeking the purpose of life. I was happy to see those in 'bulatan gembira'. It really helps me in giving me the encouragement and momentum to be a great muslimah. You want a great reward then you have to do great things. From now on I am going to fully utilize my time, they even advice me to recite surah Al-Mulk, Yassin and Al-Waqiah everyday. And see the extraordinary difference in your routine life.


izzah shiro said...

Something 'gain' after usrah? hehe. Keep going optimistically dear sister.

Safi ArRahman said...

Hoho...izzah, it's a total different when we r single. Appreciate every single moment with ur family members and friends. Once u have change ur status than u will know how u really would appreciate a room for urself. Yup, of course i gain something, i am extra motivated ek. Bile nak swim =)

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